Georgia Sharpshooters

Uniform Guidelines
2nd Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters

5thGAPictured is the 5th Georgia, Company A, Clinch Rifles

The impression of a Confederate sharpshooter does not differ from that of a common Confederate infantryman. While some units were known to have a special badge noting them as sharpshooters, they were still primarily infantrymen.

Columbus Depot Jackets
Confederate Issue Jackets – Part I
Confederate Issue Jackets – Part II
Confederate Issue Jackets – Part III


Wool or jean cloth. Jean cloth most common in the Army of Tennessee. However, that is not to say jean cloth was the ONLY material. Styles allowed are as follows:

*     Columbus Depot
*     Atlanta Depot
*     Frock Coats


Issue or civilian styles of any documented construction. Jean cloth recommended. Limited Federal sky blue or civilian checks or hounds-tooth allowed.


Any civilian or issue pattern of correct period construction. Federal issue dommet flannel. Period prints and patterns allowed.


Any civilian or issue knit wool or cotton socks. No rag wool or elastic.


Any Issue or Civilian shoe or boot of period construction. May be of Jefferson Bootee pattern or pull on boots of Civilian or military issue (1861 Artillery boot for example).

NO modern cowboy boots, work boots, combat boots, East German or WW2 German boots. See recommended vendors for foot wear.


Kepis or slouch hats. Slouch hats more common in the Army of Tennessee.
NO hat blanks, cowboy hats, modern slouch hats or hillbilly hats.

NO Balmorals, or Glengarry caps. Knitted Tams, smoking caps, and sleeping caps are fine for camp wear (See EOG: US pgs 188-189). Scottish inspired caps are not allowed in ranks. Also not authorized are brass Irish harp devices.

Hat brass should be kept at a minimum, to none at all.

Overcoats: not a required item but worth having for colder climate events

    Any CS or US foot pattern
*     Some civilian patterns


Cartridge Box:

*     US or CS manufacture 1855 or 1858 .58 cal. cartridge box
    Black or “Fair”* leather or CS painted cloth with sling
*     NO Enfield cartridge boxes

Cap Box:

*     US or CS manufacture
*     Militia shield front, 1855 or 1858
*     Black or Fair leather
*     Painted Canvas ( CS ONLY )
*     NO Enfield cap boxes


*     US or CS manufacture
*     Black or Fair leather
*     Painted Canvas ( CS ONLY )
*     Georgia frame, fork tongue, or correct roller buckle
*     English “snake” buckle belts
*     CS oval plate, rectangular CSA plate, or any correct CS pattern beltplate
    Inverted US buckles NOT allowed. Either US or CS can be worn for Confederate.


*     CS tin drum canteens
*     US 1858 smoothside or Bullseye pattern
*     Wood drum canteens ( Note: wood canteens require a lot of maintenance and need to be stored WITH WATER IN THEM to keep the wood swollen – they can be prone to leaks if not cared for )
*     NO stainless steel


    Plain or painted cloth
*     Pillow ticking
*     Carpet or tapestry

Knapsacks: not a required item

*     US early war or mid-war double bag soft pack
*     Mexican War pattern hard or soft pack
*     “Kibbler” pattern soft pack ( Echoes of Glory, Confederacy, Page # 202 )
*     Isaac and Campbell soft pack



*     P1858 or P1860 Enfield Rifle ( two-band ) – sword bayonet purchased later
*     US 1841 Harpers Ferry Rifle ( Mississippi Rifle )


*     P1853 Enfield Rifled Musket ( three-band ) with Enfield bayonet and scabbard
*     M1855-1861 Springfield Rifled Musket

NO 1863 REMINGTON RIFLES !! They did not see any service.
NO Whitworths !! There is no documentation any Whitworths were ever issued to anyone in the 2nd Battalion.

* Fair leather is also known as russet or English bridle leather and is yellow in color.
Note: It is acceptable to use US accoutrements for CS
usage during a member’s first year with the unit.

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