Safety Guidelines

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While we set a high standard for authenticity, there is one factor that overrides all others – SAFETY ! Any violation of company or event safety rules will result in the offender being removed from the field or prohibited from taking the field.

1.    NO ONE under the age of 16 will take the field unless able to perform as a functioning musician with parental or guardian consent and closely supervised. NO ONE under the age of 16 will carry any sort of arms. Exceptions to these age limits are possible at the discretion of the governing body of the Unit.

2.    Original weapons ( dating to the years of 1842 – 1865 ) will NOT be used. Not only are these precious artifacts, but can also be dangerous. Only reproduction firearms will be allowed on the field.

3.    All firearms will be subject to inspection and cleanliness one hour before the unit takes the field. Those found in need of attention will be afforded time to remedy the fault and be re-inspected. A second failed inspection will result in the firearm not being allowed on the field.

4.    Cartridges will not include glue, staples, or tape in their construction. Cartridges will contain no more than 75 grains of FFg or FFFg black powder.

5.    No CCI “six wing” percussion caps will be allowed. They can shear off bits of copper and become a hazard to your fellows.

6.    CCI “four wing”, RWS, Dynamit-Nobel, or Navy Arms caps only.

7.    No one shall double load ( insert more than one cartridge ) unless ordered to do so by the commander.

8.    Rammers will not be used or drawn on the field except by a qualified NCO or officer to clear a malfunctioning weapon.

9.    Bayonets will only be fixed by order of the commander or senior NCO present for the purpose of parade or stacking arms.

10.  No member shall take the field with less than a full canteen of WATER !!

11.  ANYONE caught in possession of any controlled substance, barring prescribed medication, will be removed from the event and authorities contacted.

12.   Arms will be cleaned immediately once the day’s firing is complete and after the members have had a reasonable time to rest and hydrate.

13.   If for any reason you feel ill or uncomfortable, inform another member immediately so help can be summoned.

Heat injuries are a very real danger. Drink plenty of WATER. If you feel thirsty, it’s too late ! If you feel you are overheated, inform someone immediately so we can treat you and/or get you medical help. Don’t try and be a hero !!

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