Bylaws of the
Georgia Sharpshooters

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A. The name of the unit shall be known as the Georgia Sharpshooters, to include:

2nd Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters, Company A ( Cox’s Wildcats )
64th Illinois Infantry, 1st Battalion Yates’ Sharpshooters, Company A
2nd Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters, Company B
64th Illinois Infantry, 1st Battalion Yates’ Sharpshooters, Company B

Hereafter in this document to be known collectively as “the Unit”.

B. All individuals who join the Unit will be willing to serve together in a peaceful and harmonious manner.

C. The members will function as one unit in the field when required and at the discretion of the commanding officer(s).

D. We will not discriminate. There is a place for everyone to participate in the historical portrayal of the Unit and the time period we wish as a majority to portray.


A. The Unit will reflect the highest standards of the American Civil War living history community and to historically portray authenticity in the conduct, dress, grooming and equipment of all members of the Unit.

B. The Unit will provide an educational outlet, not only for fellow members, but for the general public as well.

C. The Unit will work with other Civil War living history units and organizations to help further historical education.

D. The Unit will strive to retain its autonomy regardless of organizations it may be part of or join.

E. The wishes of the Unit will take precedent over any wishes from outside groups.

F. The Unit will portray, to the best of our ability, the units we recognize as our own.


A. The Unit will be commanded by no less than the rank of 1st Sergeant unless appointed by the senior unit commander.

B. The Unit will be governed as a democracy under the principle of “one member, one vote”.

C. Dues paying members shall be defined as those males or females over the age of 11 who wish to take an active part in the Unit.

D. All dues paying members will make up the governing body of the Unit and will have a vote in all matters except for rank.

E. In the case of rank, all military dues paying members will have a vote. The vote of all civilian dues paying members will be counted together as a single vote.

F. The governing body of the unit will have the power to promote or demote any person or rank at any time it feels necessary.

G. The company commander will have the power to promote or demote any person or rank at anytime he feels necessary, but only after presenting his recommendation or grievance to and obtaining approval from a majority of the Unit. This will also apply to the dismissal of an individual from the Unit for whatever reason.


A. Officers in the Unit will consist of the following and will be elected at the annual unit meeting in January.

1. Captain filled as each event deems necessary

2. 1st Lieutenant – commands 1st Company

3. 2nd Lieutenant – commands 2nd Company

4. 1st Sergeant

5. 2nd Sergeant filled as each event deems necessary

6. 1st Corporal – filled as each event deems necessary

7. 2nd Corporal – filled as each event deems necessary

B. The senior officer will answer “Officer’s Call” unless he appoints a lesser ranking officer/NCO to do so.

C. All officers will be elected by a majority of the Unit. Decision making criteria should be based on the individual’s attitude, participation, and demonstrated leadership capabilities.

D. All elected officers will be under probation for the course of their term.

E. The presiding company commander will cast the deciding vote in any deadlock situations.


A. An annual meeting will be held in January at a time and place to be announced by the unit commander. The primary purpose of this meeting is the election of unit officers and the establishment of events the Unit will participate in for the year.

B. Additional meetings can be called at any time by the unit commander or
any other member wishing to conduct Unit business as long as there is
sufficient notice given to all members of the governing body.


A. All individuals applying for membership must be 15 years of age in order to “carry” a musket/rifle.

B. All individuals under the age of 17 applying for membership MUST have a parent or legal guardian join also OR be present at the event with the minor.

C. All individuals under 15 may only accompany troops on the field if they are a working musician ( able to play bugle, drum or fife ).

D. Exceptions to these age limits are possible at the discretion of the governing body of the Unit.

E. Any person of the female gender applying for military duty MUST provide full and complete documentation of a female having served in the original Unit AND be able to successfully and completely disguise her gender during the entire weekend of any given event. This includes evenings and attending balls. Otherwise, they will be encouraged to join as a civilian.

F. Family members are welcome to participate in events in period attire. Period attire will not apply to family members who visit camp. However, visitors remaining in camp overnight will be required to be in period attire.

G. Every effort will be made for EVERYONE to be in period attire beginning early Saturday morning and remaining so throughout the event. An exception can be made for children under the age of 10 AFTER public hours.

H. No member of this Unit shall approach a member, or potential member, of another unit with the intentions of recruitment. If the other member shows interest in having a dual membership, that may be discussed but not initiated by a member of the Unit.

I. Mentors will be available for new and prospective members and chosen by volunteers from the ranks.


A. Unit dues are $7 and are due in January. This includes fees for the unit webpage. Division dues are $7.50.

B. Unit dues will not be required of non-voting minor dependents. Division dues are not required for dependents.

C. ALL unit dues will be waived for ALL military personnel – Active duty, Reserve, and National Guard.

D. Dues and any monetary gifts collected will be put in the Unit Treasury to be maintained by the company treasurer.

E. Unit funds will be used for unit business only.

F. No unit funds are to be used for event pre-registration without prior approval by the governing body at a called meeting.


A. All members will abide by these rules and regulations.

B. There will be no excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages during daylight hours nor any drunken behavior during public demonstrations of any kind.

C. No alcohol is to be consumed at least two hours prior to a battle or public demonstration. This is for personal safety as well as the safety of those nearby. All alcohol will be kept discreet from public view at all times.

D. All members will be required to participate in any drills, from brigade level down, at all events. Those on ‘sick call’ will be exempted from duty.

E. All members will perform enthusiastically and harmoniously with others, both on and off the field of battle.

F. A locked box will be placed in the company area. Any complaints which arise during an event weekend can be written down and placed in this box. At the end of the event, this box will be opened and any problems discussed and handled before anyone goes home.

G. If a problem arises on the field, it will be taken care of off the field unless it requires immediate attention.

H. Any additional problems which cannot be resolved by F or G will be put before the entire Unit.

I. All members will be responsible for their own and their dependent’s behavior and safety.


A. Weapons inspections will be carried out at company level before any battalion formations to do the same. Any and all weapons are to be inspected. Any weapons found in need of corrective action will be inspected again prior to the next formation. Weapons that fail for a second time will not be allowed on the field.
Items which must be paid attention to during these inspections:

1. Rifle is clean. Rammer should ‘ping’ when tapped to end of barrel.
2. Hammer functions are correct – holds at half-cock.
3. Trigger is working properly.
4. Cone is clean and free of obstructions.
5. All bayonet scabbards should have metal tips.
6. All cartridge boxes should contain metal tin containers.
7. Cartridges should be free from staples, wadding, and/or tape.
8. Cap boxes should contain ONLY 4 wing percussion caps. Due to unsafe firing
conditions, 6 wing percussion caps are NOT allowed.
9. All canteens are required to be full in order to prevent heat related health

B. No minie balls or any form of projectile will be carried on the person or in the accoutrements of any member of the Unit during any type of formation, firing demonstration, or battle. If any of these items are present to be used for demonstration purposes within camp, it is imperative and necessary they are promptly removed from any gear before taking the field.

C. Positively no late arrivals unknown to the Unit will be permitted to fall in the ranks within thirty minutes of a scheduled battle or demonstration. IF safety inspections have already occurred, the late-comers will be sent to the sergeant major of the battalion currently brigaded with.

D. Weapons inspection forms will be completed by the ranking NCO and commanding officer of the Unit and turned in to the staff of the battalion currently brigaded with.

E. Only NCOs or officers are allowed to draw a rammer on the field and only to repair a fouled weapon. Exceptions will be made by the commanding officer for certain demonstrations.

F. At the end of any scenario, battle, or demonstration, all troops will be reformed by the commander for the purpose of safely discharging any loaded weapons. There will be no straggling back to camp until this has been completed and then only at the discretion of the commanding officer.

G. NCOs will make sure all weapons are cleaned thoroughly after the Unit returns to camp from any scenario, battle, or demonstration during which the weapons were fired.

H. Any safety issues/problems which arise will be taken care of promptly by the command staff of the Unit or the governing body as necessary.


A. All members of the Unit will make a reasonable effort to attend the events scheduled for the course of the year.

B. All members will make a reasonable effort to attend all scheduled meetings both at and away from events.


A. All unit members will galvanize as Federal troops when and where deemed appropriate and voted on by the governing body of the Unit.

B. All unit members will bring Federal gear to all events. Exceptions will be made at events we are 100% sure we’ll be Confederate.


A. All revisions and amendments must be presented to the entire Unit, or majority of such, to be voted on by the governing body.

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