Recommended Reading for Civilians

These are available from many different outlets and the links are provided only as information for the books.

Civil War Era Knit and Crochet Patterns
by DeAnn Upton


Civilian Lady

Who Wore What?
by Juanita Leisch

An Introduction to Civil War Civilians
by Juanita Leisch

Powdered, Painted and Perfumed: Cosmetics of the Civil War Period and their Historical Context
by Virginia Mescher

Rachel Weeping: Mourning in Nineteenth Century America
by Karen Rae Mehaffey

Civil War as a Crisis in Gender
by LeeAnn Whites


Resources for Famous Civilian women/men (for impression building)

Amazing Women of the Civil War
by Webb Garrison

The Civil War in Georgia
edited by John C. Inscoe

Confederate Women
by Mauriel Phillips Joslyn

Women in the Civil War
by Mary Elizabeth Massey

They Fought Like Demons: Women Soldiers in the Civil War
by Deanne Blanton & Lauren Cook

Heroine of the Rebellion: Or Woman’s Work in the Civil War:
A record of Heroism, Patriotism and Patience
by LP Brockett (reprint of 1863)



Double Death: The true story of Pryce Lewis
by Gavin Mortimer

Wild Rose: The True Story of a Civil War Spy
by Ann Blackman

Southern Lady/Yankee Spy: Elisabeth Van Lew
by Elizabeth Varon

Spy of the Rebellion
by Allen Pinkerton



Civil War Hospital Sketches
by Louisa May Alcott

Civil War Nurse: Diary and letters of Hannah Ropes
by Hannah Ropes, edited by John Brumgardt

Women of Valor: Clara Barton and the Civil War
by Stephen B. Oates

Battlefield Angels: The Daughters of Charity Work as Civil War Nurses
by James Rada, Jr.

The Birth Place of Souls: Diary of Harriet Eaton
by Jane E. Schultz

Surgeon in Blue: Jonathan Letterman
by Scott McGaugh

Gunn’s Domestic Medicine
by John C. Gunn (reprint of original)

Bleeding Blue and Grey: Civil War Surgery and Evolution of American Medicine
by Ira Rutkow



Historical Uses of Herbs in the Mid-Nineteenth Century and Home Remedies,
Including Medicinal, Beauty and Household Usage of Herbs
by Virginia Mescher

Foods in the South During the Mid-19th Century
by Virginia Mescher

Mid-Nineteenth Parlor Games
by Michael Mescher

“Making Do” or Substitutions of Scarce Items during the Civil War
by Virginia Mescher

Everyday Life During the Civil War
by Michael J Varhola

Refreshments Now and Then
by Patricia B Mitchell

Mothers of Invention: Women of the Slaveholding South
in the American Civil War
by Drew Gilpin Faust



(most information here can be found from web blogs and sites
but there are a couple of must-have books

Women of War: Battlegrounds were not always just for men
by Ken Mink

Laundry Handbook: Manual for Creating a Civilian
or Military Laundress Impression/Exhibit
by Virginia Mescher

Laundry and Cleaning Practices of the Mid-Nineteenth Century
by Virginia Mescher

Plain Needlework
by Melissa Roberts

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