Who to be….

Who Will You Be?

Many people think that ladies of the 1860s were all Scarlett’s and Melanie’s. Nothing could be further from the truth! From nurse, to spy, to soldier, women served in almost every aspect of the war. You will find it much easier if you have an idea in mind of who you want to be. If you are outgoing and social, you may not want to choose a role that has you quietly sitting knitting all day. If you love horses and are a bit of a tomboy, perhaps portraying a Cavalry soldier is right up your alley.

I strongly suggest doing a little research on ladies of the time before committing to anything. There are hundreds of online resources as well as books at your local library. This will get you started on your way to putting your persona (and outfit) together.

Sources can be found on the Resources page under the Civilian Corner Links tab.

Here are a few ideas (both along the mainstream and the more adventurous):

-Soldier’s Aid Society member
-Camp follower/Refugee
-Officer’s wife
-Private’s wife

More non-traditional roles for women would be:

-Vivandier (very early war US – there were none associated with the 64th Illinois)

You do not have to represent someone from history. Researching a historical figure, however, can give you great ideas.

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