64th IL, Yates’ Sharpshooters

The following two photos are the property of and used with permission from
the Adjutant General of the State of Illinois.

Corinth, October 1862
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Regimental Colors

Unfortunately, the central portion of this 34 star regimental flag is missing. However, the inscription remains and reads “Presented by the Governor, Richard Yates, 1st Battalion, Yates Sharp Shooters, ILL VOL”

( details from John Schmale –
Mahomet, IL )



National Colors

This 34 star flag carries no inscriptions. The rectangular canton with seven horizontal rows is typical of flags manufactured by Longley & Brother of Cincinnati.

( details from John Schmale
– Mahomet, IL )


Missing Flag ?

The orginal inventory also lists a flag inscribed as follows:

Presented by the Governor Richard Yates, New Madrid, Island 10,
Siege of Corinth, Chamber’s Creek, May 3, 1862;
Tuscumbia Creek, Iuka, Sept 19; Corinth, Glendale, Dallas, Nickajack
Snake Creek Gap, Resaca, Big Shanty, Kennesaw Mountain, Siege of Atlanta, July 21, 22, 28; Jonesboro, Savannah
This flag is no longer in the collection.

( details from John Schmale – Mahomet, IL )

 Organized at Camp Butler, Ill., as a Battalion of 4 Companies, December, 1861.
Two more Companies mustered in December 31, 1861.
Moved to Quincy, Ill., January 10, 1862,
thence to Cairo, Ill., February 15, and to New Madrid, Mo., March 4, 1862.
Attached to Army of Mississippi, unassigned, to April, 1862.
2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Army Mississippi, to May, 1862.
Unattached, Army Mississippi, to November, 1862.
Unattached, District of Corinth, 13th Army Corps (Old), Dept of the Tennessee, to December, 1862.
Unattached, District of Corinth, 17th Army Corps, to January, 1863.
Unattached, District of Corinth, 16th Army Corps, to March, 1863.
Unattached, 2nd Division, 16th Army Corps, to November, 1863.
Fuller’s Brigade, 2nd Division, 16th Army Corps, to March, 1864.
1st Brigade, 4th Division, 16th Army Corps, to September, 1864.
1st Brigade, 1st Division, 17th Army Corps, to July, 1866.


Operations against New Madrid, Mo., and Island No. 10, Mississippi River, March 4-April 8, 1862.
Action at New Madrid March 12.
Capture of New Madrid March 14.
Capture of Island No. 10 April 8.
Expedition to Fort Pillow, Tenn., April 13-17.
Moved to Hamburg Landing, Tenn., April 17-22.
Advance on and siege of Corinth, Miss., April 29-May 30.
Action at Farmington, Miss., May 3.
Reconnaissance toward Corinth May 8.
Action at Farmington May 9.
Pursuit to Booneville May 31-June 12.
Tuscumbia Creek May 31-June 1.
Reconnaissance toward Baldwyn June 3.
At Big Springs and on guard duty at Headquarters of General Rosecrans, Commanding Army Mississippi, until November 27. Reconnaissance to Iuka and skirmish September 16.
Battle of Iuka September 19.
Battle of Corinth, Miss., October 3-4.
Pursuit to the Hatchie River October 5-12.
On Outpost duty at Glendale, Miss., November 27, 1862, to November 4, 1863.
Moved to Iuka, thence to Pulaski, Tenn., November 4-11, and duty there until January, 1864.
At Decatur, Ala., until May, 1864.
Veterans on furlough January 15 to March 17, 1864.
Four new Companies, “G,” “H,” “I” and “K,” organized February and March, 1864.
Moved to Decatur, Ala., March 17-23.
Atlanta (Ga.) Campaign May 1-September 8.
Demonstrations on Resaca May 8-13.
Near Resaca May 13.
Battle of Resaca May 14-15.
Advance on Dallas May 18-25.
Operations on line of Pumpkin Vine Creek and battles about Dallas,
New Hope Church and Allatoona Hills May 25-June 5.
Near New Hope Church June 5.
Operations about Marietta and against Kennesaw Mountain June 10-July 2.
Assault on Kennesaw June 27.
Nickajack Creek July 2-5.
Ruff’s Mills July 3-4.
Chattahoochee River July 6-17.
Nance’s Creek July 17.
Decatur July 19-22.
Battle of Atlanta July 22.
Siege of Atlanta July 22-August 25.
Flank movement on Jonesboro August 25-30.
Battle of Jonesboro August 31-September 1.
Lovejoy Station September 2-6.
Reconnaissance to Fairburn October 1-3.
Pursuit of Hood into Alabama October 4-29.
Snake Creek Gap October 15-16.
March to the sea November 15-December 10.
Montieth Swamp December 9.
Siege of Savannah December 10-21.
Campaign of the Carolinas January to April, 1865.
Reconnaissance to Salkehatchie River, S.C., January 20.
Salkehatchie Swamps February 1-5.
Rivers’ and Broxton’s Bridges, Salkehatchie River, February 2.
Rivers’ Bridge February 3.
South Edisto River February 9.
North Edisto River February 11-12.
Columbia February 15-17.
Juniper Creek near Cheraw, March 2.
Cheraw March 3-4.
Battle of Bentonville, N. C, March 20-21.
Occupation of Goldsboro March 24.
Advance on Raleigh April 10-14.
Occupation of Raleigh April 14.
Bennett’s House April 26.
Surrender of Johnston and his army.
March to Washington, D.C., via Richmond, Va., April 29-May 19.
Grand Review May 24.
Moved to Louisville, Ky., June 6.
Mustered out July 11 and discharged at Chicago, Ill., July 18, 1865.

Regiment lost during service 6 Officers and 106 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 2 Officers and 131 Enlisted men by disease.

Total losses were 242.