2nd Bttn GA Sharpshooters

Issued in December 1863 at Dalton, GA. Made at Augusta Depot. Photo courtesy of Scott Solice.

Cox’s Wildcats
Co A, 2nd Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters

Company A was originally
Company M of the 5th Georgia
Volunteer Infantry
and was raised in Bibb County in the Macon area.


5th Georgia Infantry, First National Colors. Georgia Archives.

5th Georgia Service

Organized May 11, 1861
Assigned to Pensacola, Florida from September – October 1861
Battle of Santa Rosa Island – October 9, 1861
Department of Alabama and West Florida from October 1861 – March 1862
Corinth Campaign from April – June 1862

Company Nickname & County

A – Clinch Rifles —————– Richmond
B – Griffin Light Guard ———- Spaulding
C – Irish Volunteers ————- Richmond
D – McDuffie Riflemen ————- Warren
E – Dawson Volunteers ————- Terrell
F – Cuthbert Rifles ————— Randolph
G – Schley Guards ——————- Schley
H – Hardee Rifles —————— Decatur
I – Georgia Greys —————– Muscogee
K – Upson Guards ——————– Upson
L ( 1 ) ————————————– Bibb
M ( 2 ) ————————————- Bibb
N ( 3 ) —————— Richmond & Clarke

1. Became Company B, 2nd Georgia Sharpshooters
2. Became Company A, 2nd Georgia sharpshooters
3. Became Company D, 2nd Georgia Sharpshooters
Company C: Richmond Co, Georgia
Company E: Added June 29, 1863, and subsequently
transferred as Co K, 58th Alabama Infantry

Organized into Company A, 2nd Battalion, GA Sharpshooters on July 18, 1862
Company Commander – Captain Richard H. Whiteley

Formed in the summer of 1862, 2nd Battalion consisted of six companies under the command of Major J. J. Cox. The men were from various sections of the state and many had seen prior service.

It was assigned to General J.K. Jackson’s Brigade fighting with distinction at Murfreesboro, Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge. Later, the battalion was brigaded under General Gist taking an active part in the Atlanta Campaign, Franklin, Nashville and the Carolina Campaign.

In December 1862, 152 effectives answered the rolls. At Chickamauga, only 101 were present. During December of 1863, the battalion numbered 80 men and 65 arms. Very few surrendered with the Army of Tennessee at Raleigh/Durham, NC in March of 1865.

Majors J.J. Cox and Richard H. Whiteley commanded.