Annual Living History

March 6-8, 2020


This has occurred due to many extenuating circumstances. It was NOT a decision based on ANY political motives.

Hosted by the Georgia Sharpshooters in cooperation with
Andersonville National Historic Site and the National Park Service


Photo courtesy of Andersonville National Historic Site

Chief of Interpretation and Education
Andersonville National Historic Site
Phone: 229-924-0343
Jody Mays

Lead Park Ranger
Andersonville NHS Event Coordinator
Charles Barr

Event Coordinator/CS Guard Commander:  Gene Harmon
US Prisoner Commander:  Chris Mattingly
Provost: Jere McConnell

Civilian Co-ordinator
Amy Blaylock

NPS Andersonville Event Site
Event Overview
Living History Weekend Participant Guide 2019
Living History Registration 2019
(NO Walk-ons – Pre-register ONLY)
Civilian Guidelines

This living history will consist of many things different from years past.

Guard rotations in the “stoops” ( towers ).
Dual guard impression of ANV veteran troops on Saturday
and Georgia Reserves on Sunday.
Time frame is March 1864.
Guards will be issued same rations as prisoners.
Flowing scenarios inside the stockade all day long.

Civilians are welcome and will be portraying the interaction of the local populace with the prison.

 Confederate Guard Force at this time
( portraying 26th Alabama / 1st Georgia Reserves )

2nd Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters
33rd Alabama
Fowler’s Battery

 Federal Prisoners at this time

21st Ohio Infantry
64th Illinois, Yates’ Sharpshooters
123rd New York Infantry